Bach’s music, and especially his Well-Tempered Clavier, is a fantastic source of inspiration for visual art, from photographs and videos to painting and other forms of visual expressions. 

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Here are recent examples of art inspired by this album

Image inspired by the Bach48 Album, by Chicago artist Arthur Wright (
Inspired by the Prelude & Fugue Nr. 1 in C Major Book I, Bach48 Album. Artist Arthur Wright (
Drawing inspired by the Bach48 Album. Consuelo Lepauw, artist.

Bach: Source

Currently in the works is the ‘Bach:Source’ project with visual artist Céline Oms, designed to illustrate all 96 pieces of the Well-Tempered Clavier with images of water in its many states and environments inspired by the word ‘Bach’ which means ‘stream’ or ‘river’ in German. It serves as an opportunity to meditate on this music and on the importance of water in our lives and for our environment, perhaps bringing a greater awareness of our need to keep water and our world healthy. 

Our goals are to make meaningful art that can stand on its own merits, as well as art that can impact people profoundly for the benefit of our blue planet. This project is a meditation on the only water-filled planet we are aware of in this universe. Indeed, with over 71% of the Earth’s surface covered by water, our planet is an ideal host for life, unlike any other planet we have observed in the farthest reaches of space. Yet, changes in climate and unhindered human activity have provoked the start of the 6th Extinction, a massive killing-off of living species on Earth. The consequences of our collective and individual actions are at the root of this cataclysm and yet as a whole we are unable to change our ways in any significant manner. Faced with rapid climate change and mass extinction, we must rethink every aspect of our relationship to the environment. 

As artists, our strength is our ability to impact people emotionally. In these times and with this project, we hope to assist in humanity’s emotional response to this unfolding tragedy. A meditation upon images of water, the very source of life on Earth, accompanied by some of the most profoundly healing music ever written by an artist, can raise our awareness and help motivate positive changes in our lives for our common benefit. Indeed, every positive action we take to better care for our living Earth will help flatten the curve of the ongoing cataclysm’s harshest impact.





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