The 48 Days of Bach48: A musical countdown to release day

Each day beginning December 28th and through February 14th, for a total of 48 days, we will post a new pair of Preludes and Fugues from the film of the complete recording of the Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach, performed by George Lepauw, directed by Martin Mirabel and Mariano Nante, and audio engineered by Harms Achtergarde at the Jakobskirche in Weimar, Germany, in August 2017.


Each video will only be up for 48 hours! So try to stay on top of your daily watching/listening if you wish to travel the entire album ahead of release.


If you want to watch it at your own pace,  you can pre-order your album now! Just click here to find out how you can place your order and gain full access to the password protected recording and film even before you receive your physical copy.


Learn more here.


February 14th is the worldwide release date of the Bach48 Album on the Orchid Classics record label. Make yourself happy by pre-ordering, sharing, letting people know about this project, and helping us top the charts!


THE 48 DAYS OF BACH48 ARE OVER and the Bach48 Album is now out! 

Enjoy this video, which will remain public for the foreseeable future:

Prelude and Fugue Nr. 1 in  C Major, Book I

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