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Seth Kravitz

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Eunice Goldberg

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Brett and Carey August

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Laurence Saviers

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Volunteers, friends and family


With gratitude to all the members of the International Beethoven Project teams over the course of the Bach48 project, and especially to: Tonika Todorova, Ainsley Klug, Lucile Agaisse, Kristen Brooks Schleiffer, Madison Briar, Anya Yermakova, Bryna Pascoe, Tennessee Hamilton, Mika Allison, Sasha Ongtengco, as well as Bach dancers Jacqueline Burnett, David Schultz, Alicia Delgadillo, Emilie Leriche, and Michael Gross.

Very special thank yous also to Baptiste Charvet, Brigitte & Jean-Pierre Canat and the entire Canat and Lalande families, and the friendly citizens of Chalabre and Weimar for helping facilitate the Bach48 project.

And with tremendous gratitude to Jane Lepauw, Didier Lepauw, Consuelo Lepauw, Nancy Rosene, Shirley Toomim, Achille Thomé-Oms and Céline Oms.

In memoriam, with love and gratitude


Aida Barenboïm

Roger Lepauw


Mathilde Jardelot

Consuelo Rosene

David Toomim

Earl Wild

Vladimir Krainev

Brigitte Engerer

Charles Rosen

Aleksandra Jovanovic

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The Bach48 Album is dedicated to the loving memory of

Nicole Laury-Lepauw

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