The Bach48 Project is intended to live on beyond the album itself. In fact, the intention of the album is also to be an ongoing collection of art inspired by Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, stemming from the original definition of the ‘album’ as a collection of items grouped around a given theme. 

The formal Bach48 Album came out publicly in February 2020, but the project continues! As the months and years progress, our hope is for the Bach48 Album to grow with new art inspired by this extraordinary and fundamental music, across all creative disciplines. Some of these art projects are being developed by George Lepauw and artistic partners he has selected. Others will come from at-large creators inspired by this music to make art of their own. Submissions will be reviewed for inclusion on our social media pages and, in some cases, will be incorporated on this website. 

As circumstances allow, some of these art projects will be shown in live exhibitions. 

Currently in the works is the Bach:Source project with photographer and video artist Céline Oms, designed to illustrate all 96 pieces of the Well-Tempered Clavier with images of water in its many states and environments and inspired by the meaning of the word ‘Bach’ which means ‘stream’ or ‘river’ in German. You can see some examples of this project in the Visuals page. 

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