Children have a wonderful ability to make art inspired by music and stories. A great way to engage them is to have them participate in the creative process or to encourage them in their musical progress. We are hoping to populate this area of the website with a collection of good art and music by children. 

If you are an adult and wish to help us develop this section of the website, we welcome your ideas:

If you are a kid, please visit the dedicated section of this website by clicking here.

Kids are encouraged to submit their art according to the following categories:

  • Artistic portraits of Bach 
  • Sculptures of Bach
  • Music inspired by Bach
  • Poetry inspired by Bach
  • Creative stories or videos inspired by Bach
  • Presentations about aspects of Bach’s life and music
  • Performances of Bach’s music or inspired by his music
To submit, please send work, name, age and geographic location to:
Here is a gallery of work that has already been submitted

Bach portrait by Achille Thomé Oms, 8 years old, Paris

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