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    The spacebar drag test is another amazing method to calculate your spacebar clicks per second speed. Therefore, we’ve added an interesting video demonstrating the space bar dragging method. Please be advised that not every keyboard lets you perform dragging the space bar button as shown in this video. In order to conduct a drag-click test of the spacebar, having a gaming keyboard is a compulsory thing to do. People use gaming keyboards for that kind of stuff, and of course, sometimes they also use tricks & tweaks too. Hence, this game becomes interesting and more valuable for the professional gamers, who want to enhance their clicking skill in order to perform better in online games. There are several spacebar clicking games like Dino Runner, Cookie Clicker etc. which involve rapid and prolong clicking. Therefore, this spacebar tool is the best one to practice with and to enhance your clicking skills. It depends upon your practice and the desire you have to enhance your clicking speed. Usually, people click in between 5 to 7 times per second; however, you can increase your spacebar clicking speed with practice. Our test works very simply, it counts your presses on the space bar. The program that counts your presses on the spacebar will work perfectly accurately. Just launch the site, hit the spacebar and the test will start right away. These are the officially accepted values for a spacebar test at any level. These standards apply to all spacebar challenges, whether they are professional or domestic. Furthermore, even if you are taking the challenge online, you must adhere to these restrictions. This world record for pressing the spacebar in 30 seconds is obtained by Mathew B. He had tried multiple times to set the highest record, therefore 358 was the highest figure he achieved.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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