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    There are many advantages of the platform, such as you get a precise and authentic score depending on your performance. It enables you to take and accept spacebar challenges that help grow the competitive spirit in novice players. Also, this exciting competition lets you pass the time. 10fastfingers is the website that offers you a challenge to test your abilities to click the spacebar. This website tests the speed differently as compared to the other websites. Until pressing a spacebar, it helps the user type a word instead of repeatedly tapping a space bar. It means that it checks the user’s typing speed along with the spacebar count. The time-based version of the test can be used as entertainment and to challenge your friends for higher game results. The tester offers plenty of attempts to play with no registration and free of charge. Besides, you can choose various time-frame options to play conveniently. You can begin playing the game for fun or high scores and enjoy the different features that our website offers you. Spacebar counter is an online tool which counts the number of times space bar is hit. It is used to calculate the space bar clicks in a specified time frame. The more you are able to press the button faster, the more score you will earn. If you spend a significant amount of time on your computer, you’re probably familiar with the space bar.

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