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    The automatic space counter will instantly start calculating as soon as you have tapped the space button for the first time. The number of times you have pressed the button will be displayed right in the center of the page. The Spacebar Counter is actually an engaging app, which assists the users in calculating the rate of the clicks within a chosen time slot. If you’d want to acquaint the frequency of your tapping the space counter on the laptop keyboard, then this tool is exactly what you require. This activity can be a fantastic time-killer if you’re alone, or you can organize the challenge with the gaming team and have some entertainment. For example, with the mates, you can find out the most dynamic and persistent player who will press the spacebar continuously. Many universal challenges are accepted by people when they get bored. But unfortunately, most of the challenges are useless without any purpose. But our spacebar TikTok challenge is one of the challenges which is promoting some productivity. Tiktok is a platform that promotes your videos worldwide. People share here videos about their clicking tests and challenge others. Others accept the challenge and make their videos for this purpose. Our website offers fun and excitement with the spacebar speed test.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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