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    Our website is the best option to check your spacebar clicking in a minimum time. You can also improve yourself by using this tool, it’s an entertaining & fun tool that cannot let you get bored while you are playing. If you want to test your click bar then this spacebar cps test is for you. The purpose of the Spacebar clicker is to give players an online tool to practice pressing the spacebar key as fast as they can. With enough practice with this tool, many players have increased their spacebar clicking speed up to 14 hits/seconds. What is the highest CPS result on the speed test tool? The highest recorded CPS result on the space bar key is 14.5 CPS. That was the best test score that anyone could get. One more winner, Evan H., managed to press the spacebar 58 times within five seconds! That was the worldwide record for the clicks in 5 seconds. Another world record title for clicking the bar in a 30-second time frame belongs to Mathew B., who has, using one hand, tapped the spacebar key 358 times. Another global record for the fastest clicks in 1 minute is 9.6 CPS which makes 576 clicks in 1 minute. Getting such a high spacebar hitting score is not an easy task at all. Find out your pressing speed right now with this space bar clicker test. You can use the spacebar click test for fun and entrainment, being alone or with your friends. We also come up with the spacebar 2000 challenge, basically, it is a speed test as well, but here you will take this challenge with an automation rival as a monk. There is no time limit for this challenge, you just have to click extremely fast. The one, who completes the count to 2000 at first, will be the champion of the 2000 spacebar click challenge. You can also do a sensitivity convertor test to check your keyboard and mouse sensitivity in spacebar speed. Spacebar Counter is a tool designed to check your number of hits on the spacebar and test your hitting speed on the space bar.

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