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    Submit a video review and dedicated windows server receive up to $50 | ReliableSite Dedicated Servers. Any customer who has at least one active dedicated server with ReliableSite can submit their video review. By submitting your video to ReliableSite, you agree that the video can be used for marketing purposes and all rights to the video are forfeited. Every video that meets our guidelines outlined below will be credited $10, good toward any service with ReliableSite.

    We will choose a select few submissions to use for marketing purposes. These submissions will receive a total credit of $50 to their account with us. Review Guidelines. To help you feel comfortable with creating a video review, we have created the following list of questions that you should answer. You are not limited to talking about these points. Also, virtual dedicated server you should be visible on camera during the majority of the video. What is (1) your name, (2) company name, (3) your role at this company?

    When did you start your service with ReliableSite (month & year or approximate date)? What kind of servers do you have with ReliableSite? What do you host on your servers? How has your overall experience with ReliableSite been? Can you describe any recent experiences with support? Was the issue resolved within a timely manner? How has your overall uptime with ReliableSite been? Would you recommend ReliableSite’s services?

    Visit the ReliableSite YouTube channel to see examples of what we’ve posted. How to enter? Please send a link for your video to The video can be sent as a link from a non-publically accessible location (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive, When you loved this article and you would like to receive more information relating to the best dedicated servers kindly visit our page. etc). Please do not post the video on YouTube or any other public video sites. Videos available to the public will not receive any service credit.

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