Practice recursion in JavaScript with these 8 coding challenges for beginners.

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    JSchallenger provides syntax highlighting for easy understanding. We turn the string into a character array and then sort the array and put them together to form a new string. As this string is sorted, we can use a regular expression (here is /(. In the event you beloved this informative article and you wish to be given details regarding web site generously visit our own web site. )\1+/g) to match the repeated characters. Use prototype-based, object-oriented, functional, or declarative programming styles, and more. Get better at programming through fun, rewarding coding exercises that test your understanding of concepts with Exercism. The main trick with JavaScript is to avoid taking the easy path. JavaScript is a wonderfully versatile language and as the environment it is executed in is very forgiving it is easy to write sloppy code that seemingly does the job. This same code however will come back to bite you a few months down the line. The last point I want to make is not about JavaScript itself but about how it fits into the rest of your development strategy. It’s a good idea to learn JavaScript without libraries first, so you really know what’s going on, but you should make use of a JS library when you start developing web sites. You’ll have less issues to deal with and at least the bugs that appear will be ones that can be reproduced — not random browser issues. As you can see in some of the other examples here, building a lot of HTML in JavaScript can be pretty daunting and flaky. One of the main points to bear in mind when talking about code and data security is not to trust any data. This is not only about evil people wanting to hack your systems; it starts with plain usability. Not because they are stupid, but because they are busy, distracted or the wording on your instructions is confusing them. For example, I just booked a hotel room for a month rather than six days as I entered a wrong number … I consider myself fairly smart. It is of utmost importance to keep code maintenance simple, avoiding the need for future maintainers having to read all your code and find where they need to change things.

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