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    The highest world record of space bar clicking is 58 times in just 5 seconds and 320 clicks in 10 seconds. If a player keeps these figures in his mind, he would improve himself as per world demand. The performance of the player depends on the selected time limit and the number of clicks. Read on to learn how to test yourself on our website and how to improve your spacebar hitting pace. When playing a spacebar clicking challenge, the user is expected to start clicking the space key when the timer begins. The software records the number of taps that the user makes and as soon as the timer stops, the space bar clicker game stops. The number of taps of the spacebar made during the time limit is recorded as one’s total key presses and taps per second. Space bar game with timer is a superb feature that permits you to upgrade your gaming capabilities and spacebar clicking skills in an enjoyable environment. It is not only suitable for gaming persons or pro gamers, but office workers, students, or children also take this challenge well. So you are on the right platform where you can upgrade your focus and level up your spacebar aim in an easy way.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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