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    We are now at the height of modern technology especially in the field of medicine and anything is possible-even your strong desire to get pregnant over 40. But is it safe or risky?

    What are the things that can be achieved due to walking? There have been lots of researches regarding the good qualities of regular walking. First of all you can decrease any risk of heart disease by 40 percent.

    Herbal Therapy: Incorporate garlic into your diet. It is recommended to eat up to 3 or 4 cloves of garlic everyday. Not into garlic? That is fine, head on over to your nearest health food store and pick up garlic supplements. Look for enteric-coated tablets for max absorption 20 of 40 Allicin. Allicin is the ingredient in garlic that lowers your pressure. Whatever the dosage on the bottle is, follow it.

    The mortality rate for heart diseases in the U.S. is directly associated to smoking and a person’s risk of heart attack and heart disease increases as she also increases the number of cigarette sticks (or packs) that she smokes.

    While common sense and safety cannot be stressed enough here, the Internet is a way to meet and connect with interesting people you likely would have never crossed paths with otherwise. The days of the Internet being a “last resort” in the quest for finding a mate are long gone, as now over 20% of all relationships start online.

    Do not try to self-diagnose. Do not shrug off a small lump as “probably nothing serious.” Treat tenderness, swelling, redness or pain as symptoms 20 percent of 40 something – not necessarily breast cancer but something worth a doctor’s expert diagnosis. The earlier you treat breast cancer the better the chances of a total recovery. The longer you leave things, the greater the problem becomes.

    While you are deep in thoughts of dating over 40/50, have you remembered some lady you dated back in college for a while and you lost touch with after college? Did you remember someone you met while you were on a trip to wherever and you were seriously in love with each other but lost touch after the trip? There is nothing bad about trying to make a search online for their name and maybe their addresses, you might be lucky to find out they are still out there single. You might be that lucky. You can even contact the alumni office for college girlfriends maybe they have their details.

    Keep jewelry simple and elegant. Get rid of those dangly bracelets and large hoop earrings, or give them to your daughter. A woman over 40 should aim for looking classy and elegant. Beautiful beads or diamond studded earrings are a timeless classic that look good on anybody. You don’t have to worry about them ever going out of style. Wholesale fashion clothing is not the only thing you can buy in bulk – jewelry is a great bargain when you buy it wholesale as well.

    Walking can also improve blood circulation which helps you maintain your fitness. By walking you can even send oxygen to the brain which will help improve brain power. It will also help you make your memory sharper.

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