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    Keystroke counters allow employers to automatically monitor employee productivity. With the help of this tool you can obtain detailed data on employee computer activity, such as number of keystrokes pressed, keystrokes per application, keystrokes per employee etc. Moreover, keystroke counters do not invade employee privacy as they do not capture any personal data, so no personal data can be exposed and there is no risk of information leakage. A Keyboard Counter is a piece of software or hardware that counts the number of times a keyboard key has been pressed. A Keyboard Click Test can be used to measure typing speed, as well as track how often a particular key is pressed. This can be useful for businesses or individuals who want to measure their typing speed and accuracy. If you’re only interested in checking the volume of your keystrokes, then this tool is for you. WorkTime is the only non-invasive monitoring software on the market. Among many employee monitoring functions, WorkTime offers its keystroke counter. WorkTime keystroke counter is a great tool to monitor employee productivity. The Keyboard Counter is a simple tool that allows you to count how many times a key has been pressed on your keyboard and displays the last key you pressed. It provides a simple and fun way to keep track of your keystrokes and practice typing. In the event you loved this short article and you would love to receive details about kindly visit the web site. It features a large number counter and a key-pressed indicator, which updates in real-time as you type. WorkTime keystroke counter shows lots of useful details to measure employee productivity without crossing the boundary of employee personal space. WorkTime offers many monitoring functions for companies of any size in a wide range of industries.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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