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    Introduction to Copy Trading on Bybit.
    Copy Trading is a portfolio management tool that allows traders to copy trades executed by other expert investors in the markets.
    The goal of Copy Trading is for traders — Followers and Master Traders .
    Followers have the same trading strategy as the investors they are copying. As experienced investors, Master Traders can promote their trading strategies, attract new Followers and receive a corresponding percentage of the net profit earned by each of their Followers on Bybit, according to the level of Master Traders as follows.
    Profit Sharing Ratio.
    Currently, Copy Trading on Bybit is available on Spot and Derivatives platforms. Bybit’s Copy Trading platform strives to bring Followers and Master Traders a win-win trading experience.
    While Copy Trading can be lucrative, there are risks involved, and Followers should take note that the past performance of Master Traders is not a guarantee of future returns. Also, the return on investment (ROI) of Followers may not be 100% the same as their Master Traders due to slippage.
    How a Copy Trade Works.
    With Copy Trading, the trades of Master Traders and their Followers are adjusted synchronously. After a Follower selects a Master Trader and sets the copy order parameters, all new copy trades of the corresponding positions/orders initiated by the Master Trader will be automatically copied to the Follower’s account with the market order.
    For more information on Copy Trading, please refer to the following articles:
    Derivatives Copy Trading.
    (How to Copy Trade for Master Traders)

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