How to know when a Gematria match is meaningful or not Mi Yodeya

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    Skeptics, however, have noted that gematria can be employed as “proof” to support diametrically opposing positions, depending on the words and phrases one chooses to highlight and calculate. A somewhat tongue-in-cheek illustration of this involved an attempt to predict the 2016 United States presidential election through the gematria of the candidates’ names. The author of the article showed how this line of reasoning could be used just as easily to predict the victory of either candidate. Nevertheless, gematria continues to have an appeal in some quarters. The Hebrew Gematria is the oldest known Gematria, and you should have a separate Hebrew gematria calculator to find the values in the Hebrew Gematria. The Gematria Hebrew is specific and there is no regularity of the numeric except for the first 5 numbers of the English alphabets. The word “HELLO” is equal to 25 in Full Reduction Gematria and these values can be reconfirmed by the gematria calculator. Examples of applying the numerical meanings to phrases in Scripture are provided for the book of 2 John and other passages . A now dead Semitic language, Akkadian is thought to possibly be the root of several other Mesopotamian languages. Akkadian also happens to be the language involved in the first recorded use of gematria, or the converting of letters to numbers. King Sargon II of Babylon was said to have built a bad-ass wall that was 16,283 cubits long. This number corresponding to the numerical value of his name. Much like the history of humanity, our language and its origin are a complete mystery. How and when humans began speaking, reading and writing is anyone’s guess. We can, however, look back and see that there was a short list of popular root tongues and cultures centered around them. Second, notice that the word “et” right in the center of this verse has 2 letters which is the first prime number and interestingly it is a special prime number as it is the only even prime number. There are 3 words on either side of this center word which is the next prime number.

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