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    While certainly, you can find a few here and there, in addition to the example of 541 , the sum 541 also equals the following 3,443 verses! Now, let x be the input to a function whose output we wish to calculate. This function must have special characteristics which can remind—in a metaphysical perspective, of course—some attributes of God. We think that one such function can be the exponential function, which has the property that exalts the input variable and has all derivatives equal to the initial function, i.e. to itself . In our opinion, to this function we can give the attribute “divine” because it never changes when derived infinite times, it is always identical to itself, like God is. In the Book of Revelation , there is an amazing large set of integers. The reader is constantly referred to arithmetic and numbers. When you have almost any concerns with regards to exactly where and tips on how to make use of gematria code (, it is possible to e-mail us in our internet site. Numbers dominate the book in such a manner that it could almost be used as a textbook for primary school mathematics, including fractions, applied mathematics and the major arithmetical operations. Several times, the text asks its hearers or readers to perform arithmetical calculations, to calculate the number . The purpose of Gematria is to obtain a deeper understanding of the texts of the Jewish Bible. According to this tradition, the gematrical value of a biblical text is very close to the ultimate truth of God. It just takes the time and attention to sort it all out and find the patterns, as the ancient Soferim once did long ago. The quote goes on to state that Gematria helps understand hidden meanings, and that is key to understanding the complexity of the subject and the various systems it utilizes. The same guidance is also supposed to have overseen the writing of the Hebrew Bible. The code is based on the traditional English alphabet, which has 24 letters. It is well-known , and its usage has been documented to the time of the medieval era. Gematria is an Jewish type of numerology where all the alphabetic letters in the Hebrew alphabet are replaced with numbers in the same order. The initial 10 letters are assigned number values that are consecutively increased between 1 and 10.

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