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    Google nowadays is flooded with a myriad of fun games and tricks. It is one of the best entertainment-filled functionalities of the search engine. Few people know that Google is not only for searching information, but also you can do several experiments with it. One such funny Google trick is Google Barrel Roll or Do A Barrel Roll 20 Times. The same “Barrel Roll” gimmick employed in the Nintendo 64 game Star Fox was used by Google. However, this method only works if you use Google to search for conduct a barrel roll or Z or R twice, which is ZZ or RR. If a player is riding a motorcycle, it will instead do a Tilt Jump. In the same way, look for askew to get a slanted site layout. It appears to have no other function or objective than to be a cool trick to impress your friends and family. Yesterday, Google’s new “Barrel Roll Trick” made its rounds across the social networks. It’s part of the “web fun” stuff that Google enjoys doing. The effect will even work if you type “Z or R twice”. Watch the video below for Peppy’s “Do a barrel roll!’ in action. The idea of Google do a barrel roll trick is to help rotate your Google homepage when you type the word “do a barrel roll”. To do this the process is same as you follow to do it twice or 10 times, just choose 20 times from drop down given above, enter your name or any word you like and just select the style of logo.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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