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    Word-based numerology probably began in 8th century BCE Mesopotamia; Greeks practised isopsephia (letter-based calculation) from the 5th century BCE. Hebrew gematria only arrived in c.100 BCE, yet soon grew in complexity. Gematria is often used to detect the secret meaning of holy texts. If you have any questions regarding the place and how to use homepage, you can get in touch with us at the website. Unsurprisingly, it became an indispensable tool of Jewish mystics down the ages. Similar to how different systems ofgematriareveal deeper levels of understanding Torah and its hidden structures, there are along with the normative alphabet other alternative Kabbalistic alphabets that serves the same function. Through a logical sequence of exchanging letters these alphabets reveal inner dimensions of Torah not readily perceived. Through using this easy to use program you can type in a word in Hebrew and virtually instantaneously see written out all the places in theTanach, the 24 books of the Bible, where this word, name or phrase appears. By studying these appearances we begin to see connections we may have never seen before. Meanings on multiple levels begin to literally jump off the page. Gematria is the process by which numerical values are assigned to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. And so many gematrias in widespread use are as trite as that joke. When you enter two words or phrases that have the same gematria value ‘Matches detector’ will tell you about that with sound and colors . Also, you have a comparing system that lets you compare your input to common inputs from our database or to the Bible. It’s not just calculator words you can give a number and get a list of words equal to that number.

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