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    According to one method, the gematria of the person’s name is added to the gematria of his or her mother’s name; the result is then divided by 7 and 12. The remainders signify a particular planet and Zodiac sign. The Hasmonean king of Judea, Alexander Jannaeus had coins inscribed in Aramaic with the Phoenician alphabet, marking his 20th and 25th year of reign using the letters K and KE (למלכא אלכסנדרוס שנת כ and למלכא אלכסנדרוס שנת כה). Chai (lit. “alive”), which is composed of two letters that add up to 18. This has made 18 a “lucky number” among the Jewish people. Please note the author of this website does not claim to be an expert in the languages considered herein. The things shown here represent some of the things this websites author has discovered while personally studying Hebrew and God’s word. Okay, notice first that there are a total of 7 words in this first verse which is the number of completion. In addition to the seven significant events in the Bible, the number seven has a special significance. In his ministry, Jesus cast out seven demons from Mary Magdalene, and in doing so, he performed seven miracles. On the seventh day of the week, Jesus was crucified and then resurrected from the dead. The number seven appears to be a recurring motif throughout the Bible, representing completion, perfection, and holiness. The number is frequently referred to throughout the Bible, which is why it is considered God’s favorite number. If you beloved this write-up and you would like to receive a lot more details pertaining to homepage [] kindly visit our web-page. The world is created in seven days in Genesis, and the week is seven days in Genesis as well. The Sabbath, a holy day of rest and worship, is identical to the seven days of creation in Judaism. In conclusion, our exercise has evidenced that some striking relationships can be “extracted” from the integer 1737, intended to be the number of weeks of Jesus’ lifespan found in Maria Valtorta’s mystical literary works. The rationale for considering this particular ratio, from a Christian point of view, is the following.

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