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    Copy trade pocketoption.
    1) Do you have a Telegram channel or group chat or can I call you?
    No, but we have a FaceBook group and a contact us page on the website.
    2) I already have a funded Pocket Option account, how can I copy your trades or use your bot?
    You will have to terminate that account and then open a new account via our link with a new email address and then go through the verification of your Pocket Option account again.
    Use this link to open a Pocket Option account:
    Once you have done that, then send your Pocket Option account ID to us and we will check if it is linked.
    3) Can I copy the trades on a demo account first for the copy trading service, to see how it goes before depositing money and starting a real live account?
    No., we do not allow copy trading with a demo account anymore even on a live funded account.
    You can only use the copy trading service on a real live account and with live trading.
    You can see all our trade history on the Blog & Results page.
    If you are nervous about starting with your live account, then just start with the minimum $1 per trade.
    4) Can I start with $50 and how much will I make per month?
    As of this writing, the minimum starting balance is $50 with Pocket Option.
    As to how much you will make per month, you will need to read Profit and Risk on the website and then check our results and you can work out roughly what you will make with different trade amounts.
    The only part that you can control is the trade size and we recommend trading 5% of your account balance compounding.
    As you get more confident, then you can increase the percentage amount per trade and up to a maximum of 10% of your account balance.
    5) Do you have an affiliate program or can I make money promoting your site?
    No we do not have an affiliate program .
    You are welcome to invite your friends and tell people about our service. It is a free to use service and you also get to use it for free, so good will for you.
    6) My copying trades are not exactly the same as yours. Why is that?
    As we mentioned many times, there is up to a 30 second delay from the time that our bot starts a trade on our account to the time that it is copied and starts on your account.
    If the delay is longer than 30 seconds, then the copy trading software will not copy the trade and that is why you sometimes do not even have the same trade as us.
    30 seconds is actually a longtime in binary options and when we may have a winning trade, you may have a losing trade and vise verse.
    Also when we have a push trade, you may have either a winner or a loser.
    The trades are usually copied within milli seconds, but it all depends on the Pocket Option server and our own server and copy trading software at that particular moment in time.
    The best practice is to actually to put the bot on your own cheap VPS and then use our settings that we use for the copy trading and your trades then will be almost exactly the same as ours as there will be minimal delay.
    Plus having it on your own VPS puts you completely in charge of your trading, allowing you to stop and start trading whenever you like as well as change your trade amount or even money managements whenever you like.
    You can download the sett files from the link below and then just upload them to your bot.
    You got the bot download link in the email that we sent you when signing up for our newsletter.
    Just have a look back in your email or sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already.
    Remember that if you do start using your own bot and you were copy trading previously, then just send us an email telling us to cancel your copy trading account or you will end up with double the trades.
    Of course you could still carry on having the copy trading and then use your own settings on the bot as well.
    Many of our traders do that and set their bot to trade with the same settings, but with a 3 minute expiry time instead of the copy trading 5 minute and are getting good results.
    7) How many trades are there per day?
    We are copying a robot that trades the parameters that we set for it and when those parameters are met, the bot takes the trade. The parameters could be met 20 times a day or not at all.
    We just don’t know, but it is usually a few times per day but sometimes there are days with no trades.
    8) My Pocket Option Volatility bot doesn’t work, says unable to login. Why is this?
    That means that you probably have not opened your Pocket Option account via our link. Use the contact us form and send in your Pocket Option account ID number and we will check it for you.
    9) What time are the bots on?
    The bots are on UTC time. Coordinated Universal Time.
    So that is the server time.
    Make all your pause times to the server time, i.e. UTC time.

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