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    Access to these meanings will help you as an advanced student of Kabbalistic Gematria deepen your understanding of nature’s laws and the intrinsic power of the universe. Gaye was brutally shot two times after a fight took with his father after intervening in an argument between his father and mother, Alberta. The wounds that happened to them appear to be much fatal, and at last, he was announced to be dead on a visit to the California Hospital Medical Center. There are many references to gematria by Amoraim, and some halachot seem to be derived from them. For example, when a nazir takes a vow for an unspecified period, the period is assumed to be 30 days based on a gematria. In case you have virtually any inquiries relating to in which and also the way to work with site, it is possible to e mail us on our own web page. The final word of the Shema, or our central declaration of faith, is Echad, or one, indicating our belief in only One God. Echad has a value in Gematria of 13, emphasizing once again the connection between God and 13. Additonally, YHVH, God’s mystical four letter name, has a value of 26, or 13×2. There are lots of good gematria sites where you can put in a word, push a button and BAM, there’s the numeric value of that word of phrase. The Jews, along with the Greeks and Romans, do not have separate numerals in their language. The Jewish people have always known that God uses numbers to speak.

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