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    A wholesaler’s role and responsibilities are extremely demanding. There are numerous steps they must take in order to achieve the desired level of success for their businesses, such as:
    Putting everything together: A wholesaler gathers products from various manufacturers and stores them in a single location.
    Storage: There is frequently a significant time lag between the manufacture and consumption of commodities. The wholesaler maintains demand-supply balance by stockpiling goods and supplying the required quantity to retailers as needed.

    A wholesaler distributes assembled and stored items to a large number of shops in various locations.

    Wholesalers are primarily in charge of transporting goods from wholesalers’ warehouses to retail stores.

    Financing: The majority of wholesaler-retailer transactions are done on credit, with the wholesaler providing a specific amount of money. a certain amount of credit in order to maintain positive relationships with retailers To finance the items, he usually buys them in bulk wholesale from the producer on a financial statement.

    Wholesalers are liable for items that are damaged while in storage or transit. He also runs the risk of losing money due to fluctuating demand because he stocks piles a variety of commodities.

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