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    This can be useful for finding the origin of an attacker, or for finding the location of a server that is not responding to pings. This tool will also show you the reverse DNS entry for an IPv6 address, as well as the ASN that the address is assigned to. Please check here who owns the IPv6 address you are currently using or check someone else’s IP if you already know the IP number. This whois lookup tool will query the different databases where the whois information should be located. The IP addresses of users browsing the world wide web are used to enable communications with the server of the web site. Also, it is usually in the header of email messages one sends. In fact, for all programs that utilize the TCP/IP protocol, the sender IP address and destinationIP address are required in order to establish communications and send data. Welcome to IP Location, the home of IP Geolocation, security and privacy resources. This website was built to offer tips, tutorials and articles on IP address, VPN, Proxy, DDoS and WebAuthn technologies. If no Option IPv6 directive appears in config.txt, then lookups are only performed for IPv4 IP addresses. The Option IPv6 directive will perform DNS queries to IPv6 DNS servers based on directives that contain DNS names, such as URL, Host, or Domain statements. You do not need to alter these statements if you are using Option IPv6. Enabling RES_USE_INET6 causedgethostbyname to look up AAAA records first, and only look up A records if a name had no AAAA records. Since thehostent structure only has one address length field,gethostbyname could only return either IPv6 or IPv4 addresses, but not both. However, for web hosting companies, API, or game servers, the dynamic IP can create problems. A change in the IP address can cause their DNS query to fail, effectively taking the resource offline.

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