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    6 Best Copy Trading Platforms for Social Investing in 2023.
    Our editorial team uses a strict editorial review process to compile all reviews, research, and evaluations of any kind. Our company, WallStreetZen Limited, is supported by our user community and may receive a small commission when purchases are made through partner links. Commissions do not affect the opinions or evaluations of our editorial team.
    Copy Trading, a subcategory of social trading, allows you to copy top stock traders and replicate their returns.
    At least, that’s the theory.
    The reality is, successful copy trading can be as hard as regular trading.
    But there are ways to stack the deck in your favor.
    The first step to becoming profitable while copy trading is finding the best copy trading platform. As traders, we need every advantage we can get – never forget that you are in the market against other market participants.
    Not everybody can win.
    Here’s my list of the 7 best copy trading platforms and brokers that will enable you to fully utilize the power of social investing.
    Note before we start: eToro is the clear-cut winner. Nobody competes with its CopyTrader – the other 6 are only beneficial for tiny subsets of traders.
    The 7 Best Copy Trading Platforms in 2023.
    1. eToro – The Best Copy Trading Platform Overall.
    Best for: Everyone.
    eToro is the gold standard for copy trading. In my opinion, the list of best copy trading platforms should begin and end here.
    eToro is one of the most popular and best social trading platforms in the world (and basically invented the category). Today, more than 28 million users choose eToro as their brokerage. In my opinion, it’s the best stock app.
    And CopyTrader is its most iconic feature.
    It was not long ago that trading was something of a hidden field for a select few specialists that had access to sophisticated trading technology. In recent times, however, social trading and modern financial applications have opened the market to a much larger demographic.
    And now, with copy trading, you don’t even need to learn the ins and outs of trading yourself.
    CopyTrader enables you to see what real people are trading in real time, find and follow investors you like, and copy their trades with just a few clicks.
    Copy up to 100 traders simultaneously CopyTrader is completely free and is commission-free.
    Find all the investors you can copy with eToro CopyTrader here. Copy Trading does not amount to investment advice. Your investments value may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.
    Largest social investing platform in the world. Safe and regulated. iOS and Android mobile apps + web-based platform. Huge network of copy traders to choose from. Fantastic filters to select your ideal copy trading portfolio.
    Copy Trading does not amount to investment advice. Your investments value may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.
    2. DupliTrade – The Best Automated Copy Trading Platform.
    Completely automated investments. Only the best traders are accepted for strategies.
    3. NAGA – The Best Copy Trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies.
    Very crypto-friendly. Novel interface for increased social sharing and public media integration. Beginner-friendly. Easy-to-use. Quick account setup.
    4 . ZuluTrade – The Best MT4-Supported, Non-U.S. Copy Trading Platform.
    Trade crypto, CFDs, forex, commodities, stocks, and over 40 other financial assets. Automated social trading of crypto through ZuluTrade, scripts, and APIs. Miinimum trade of $1. Exceptional support and interface.
    5 . MetaTrader4 and 5 – The Best Plug-In Copy Trade Software.
    Available on Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, Huawei. Giant list of trading tools to suit all requirements. Compatible with most well-known brokerages and applications. Industry leading copy trade software.
    6. Forex Copier – The Best Advanced Forex Copy Trading Platform.
    Send signals from MT4 to MT5 terminals (and vice versa). Use reverse copy trading mode to profit from a trader’s mistakes. Adjust opening and closing prices of trades copied. Filter to-be-copied orders in terms of size, pair, and number of orders. More customisable than other copy trading platforms.
    What is Copy Trading? What is Social Trading/Investing?
    Social trading is the combination of social media and active trading (social investing is the same but for long-term investments). What used to be a solitary experience relegated to a small number of experts, trading has exploded in popularity since commission-free trading and other fintech breakthroughs have made investing accessible to anybody with a cell phone. Copy trading has taken this all one step further. Today, the best traders in the world can share their winning strategies and allow you to copy their moves. Find a trader with a strong track record, set up your trade sizes and other criteria, and start “outsourcing” your trading. Of course, this is not auto-income – profits are far from guaranteed. If you’re considering copy trading, be sure to perform analysis on the traders you’re thinking of copying and set trade sizes appropriate to the amount of risk you’re willing to undertake. You can copy all of a trader’s moves or be more selective. Additionally, the best copy trading platforms (like eToro), give you the opportunity to learn why a trader is taking a particular position . Beyond mere profits, this is one of the biggest benefits of social investing.
    Final Word: The Best Copy Trading Platforms for Social Investing in 2023.
    Copy trading is a great way to make money and learn from more experienced traders. While investing always entails risk, following the moves of traders with excellent performance gives many new traders the best chance of earning serious profits. Plus, many of these traders will share their exact rationale behind their trades, giving you exposure to a world-class education. Social investing has opened the door for millions of new investors to get invested in a fun and educational way. Copy trading has gone a step further, making potentially profitable trading accessible to all. If you’re looking to get started copy trading in 2023 and want to use the best copy trader platform, I cannot recommend eToro’s CopyTrader highly enough.
    Which copy trading strategy is the best?
    The best copy trading strategy is to find and follow a trader you like and take appropriate levels of risk. The best place to do this is on eToro – easily filter on distinct criteria to uncover the trader(s) best suited to your goals as an investor.
    Is copy trading a good idea?
    Copy trading is a good idea for new investors. It’s easy to follow more experienced investors and learn from them. However, copy trading isn’t fool-proof. You still need to perform thorough due diligence and research before copy trading.
    Can you make a living from copy trading?
    Yes, you can make a living from copy trading. In the same way that you can make a living from trading, provided you are diversified in your portfolio, active in your trading, hedged, and always looking to learn more. Remember that even the best trader with a superb history goes through volatile periods. Capital reserve requirements need to be met to weather these storms. You can make a living, provided you do your research.
    Which website is best for forex copy trading?
    eToro is the best platform for forex copy trading and all other types of copy trading. eToro’s CopyTrader allows you to copy the trades of up to 100 top performers and simultaneously learn why they’re taking their trades. eToro is one of the largest social trading platforms in the world with over 28 million users.
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    About the author.
    Danny is a financial consultant and fintech copywriter who specializes in NFTs, cybersecurity, and digital ledger technology. He has a legal degree and a master’s degree in computer science.

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